As early as the 17th century, when the presence of rum is first recorded in Reunion, sugar-cane provided the first settlers on the island with its sweet drink, the main ingredient used to manufacture a fermented drink named ‘fangourin’. With the various improvements made to the manufacturing process throughout the centuries, fangourin was replaced by ‘guildive’, then later ‘arack’ and finally rum. A subsidiary of Groupe Quartier Français, Distillerie de Savanna was founded around 1870. The island of Réunion is one of the jewels of the Indian Ocean. Founded in 1948, Savanna Distillery continues the tradition of production of rum. Rooted in this land, this former rum distillery was originally located at a place called Savanna at St. Paul, it was transferred in 1992 on the site of Bois-Rouge sugar mill and power station (Compagnie Thermique de Bois-Rouge) in Saint-André. It controls the entire process of his rum from cane cutting up the bottling, which is within the distillery.

This efficient, state-of-the art facility has a 300 HPA daily production capacity. It was granted ISO 9001 quality certification in 2003. The best part of its production is marketed in bulk, but it has also developed its own brand : Savanna. It is one of the world’s only four distilleries producing “full flavour” (or high-bodied) rum.