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Founded in 1995, Pyrat is an Anguillian Rum located in the Caribbean Islands five miles north of St. Maarten on a tiny island. Anguilla is a scant 35-square miles in area.

In the 1800s, C.J. Planter, an English sailor, abandoned ship for an unknown, unnamed, Caribbean island. He met a cane grower and his beautiful daughter. C.J. was smitten. The cane grower took C.J. into his home and treated him as his very own son. All went well and C.J. and the daughter were soon married.

One evening, disaster struck. The cane grower died in a fire at his plantation house. He left everything to C.J. and his beautiful young wife. Together with C.J.'s mother-in-law (who dabbled in magic and witchcraft), they created Anguilla's first local rum, building the first rum factory on the island. They called this new Anguillian beverage “Pyrat Rum.”

The Anguilla Rums facility is a factory, not a distillery. Many people don’t realize this, but Anguilla Rums doesn’t distill any rum at all. There is no sugar cane on Anguilla, and as a result, the rum is made by blending other companies’ rums. Pyrat rum is actually a blend of 9 different rums from around the Caribbean, all brought to this facility to be blended and then barreled for additional aging and marrying of the flavors.

Pyrat Rum is a product of Anguilla Rum Ltd, imported by Patrón Spirits Company, which arrives in three variants.

The Anguilla facility is now closed. Pyrat Rum is currently bottled in Guyana at Demarara Distillers Ltd, who sometimes distills some of the rum that goes into Pyrat's mysterious blend. Aged in used American and French Limousin oak barrels.


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