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Neisson Rhum Distillery in Martinique is one of the few family owned distilleries. Located in La Carbet, Neisson is south of Mount Pelee and has similar volcanic soil as Depaz and Rhum JM. Although it has its own sugar cane estate, Neisson pulls from sixteen different sugar cane farms for their rum. 

Neisson is best known for their white rhum, they also produce some excellent aged rums, including a blend of 2-4 year rhum, a 15 year rhum, an 18 year old rhum, and 1993 vintage specific rhum. Neisson’s rhums are aged in a combination of ex-bourbon casks from Buffalo Trace and both new and aged French Limousine oak barrels. The angel’s share (or evaporation of alcohol and water during aging) is so extreme in Martinique that for their 15 year old rhum Neisson started with 70 barrels of rhum and it condensed down into only 5 barrels.

The History

Since its inception in 1931, the distillery Neisson has preserved in the purest tradition of Martinique components of a rum flavored and taste none.

A great tradition ...

Since its inception in 1931, the distillery Neisson has preserved in the purest tradition of Martinique components of a rum flavored and taste none. Packaged in a bottle-rounded, reasonable of all: "Zépol Kare" as say the fans, our rums are the result of know-how constantly renewed from the cane fields to the aging cellars.

The distillery produces agricultural rums Neisson receiving the designation of the Controled Martinique Rhum Agricole. An agricultural rum is produced by distilling the juice of sugar cane as opposed to industrial rums coming from the distillation of molasses (residue from the production of cane sugar). The activity of the distillery is the period of harvest of sugarcane, which generally runs from late February to late June The rest of the time, the production equipment is maintained, repaired, so that it is fully operational during the "harvesting".

Which has remained family

Claudine Neisson, Owner of Rhum Neisson

The distillery is now run by the daughter Claudine Neisson and grand son of Hildevert-Pamphille Neisson, founder of the online auto distillerie.

This little plant can today boast of having preserved its independence as preserving a fragile treasure, at a time when most distilleries are absorbed by large groups. Thus, the distillery Neisson remains an essential reference in quality, authenticity, and unique place in the heart of its loyal customers: a rum "Antan Lontan".

"A desire to want to stay on a human scale, combined with research of excellence, we believe are the only guarantee to offer a rare, and that the family tradition can continue."

The Rum Process

With this requirement, the notoriety of Rum Neisson continues to grow abroad, and the rewards are increasingly numerous.

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