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The Cuban company Tecnoazucar established since 1982 by the Cuban sugar Ministry is on charge of the exportations and the commercialization in the Cuban market of the sugar cane byproducts. It also works in order to lend technical services, technical consults and technical assistance, as well as technology transfer to several countries around the world.

Tecnoazucar is a selffinanced enterprise; it counts with legal personality, own capital and self administration of resources. These qualities allow the company to act with independence in the commercialization of products and services related to the sugar cane world.

Their offers are sustains by the experience and technical straight of the Sugar Cane Cuban industry, which is organize in the former way; 71 sugar factories, 14 sugar syrup stations, 14 destillers and Rum's factories, 12 Torula yeast factories and dehydrates sugar syrup, 4 sugar cane bagasse factories and many other installations that produce several sugar cane byproducts.

The services Tecnoazucar offers are technically supported by the Researching and Development Institutes of the Cuban Sugar Cane Industry where hundred of professionals and technicians specialized in the different branches of the sugar sector are working.

Ron Mulata is distilled by TECNOAZUCAR

Ron Mulata is one of the latest rums to be launched in Cuba and does not have the long chequered history of the other Cuban rums mentioned above. However, there is little useful information available about this rum. It does appear that the rum was launched in 1993 and depending on who you believe, is now the second or third best selling rum in Cuba.

Ron Mulata is a joint venture between Distillerie Franciacorta and Tecnoazucar, the company that supplies 90% of all the Cuban rum.The Mulata range of rums stem from a base rum created by the master distillers or maestro roneros of Tecnoazucar, who use acquavite derived from only the best Cuban sugar cane syrup as a raw material. This rum is then matured in 180 litre American white oak barrels, a process that gives the final product a unique bouquet and light flavour.

The fifty year old distillery of Heriberto Duquesne is located in the central region of Cuba in Villa Clara. It has a capacity of 3,000,000 litres per year with several production lines and employs eighty workers. Distillerie Franciacorta was founded over a century ago by Luigi Gozio and is still managed by his descendants and is one of the leading producers of grappa in Italy.

The big Cuban rum Masters transmitted from generation to generation, the tradition and the secret for the creation of this authentic, nobleman, strong and sensual rum, inspired by the legend of Ochum, the Venus of the Yoruba mythology, employer from Cuba. It is producted with rigorously selected sugar cane to obtain the molasses of the highest quality and applying centennial recipes, it is aged in oak barrels, during years, for the delight of the most exquisite palates. Mulata is marketed in several regions of the planet with great acceptance, that which is a sample of her undeniable quality.


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