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Isautier Rum

Rum and punch form part of the history and reputation of the island of Reunion. By combining ancestral skills and carefully selected ingredients of exceptional quality, the Isautier family distillery produces Rums and Punches bursting with aromas and flavors that are the reflection of this unique terroir.

The History

1833 - At 21 years of age Charles Isautier, accompanied by his brother Louis, left Nogent and set off for the island of Bourbon, the home of their great uncle and cousins. The two brothers acquired land and established a property in the southernmost part of the island.

1845 - With the advent of new technology came a boom in the cultivation of sugar cane. Encouraged by this strong growth in the sugar industry the Isautier brothers together founded the very first distillery of industrial dimensions and began producing traditional rums from the molasses that was the by-product of sugar production.

1865 - When Charles Isautier died his widow, Antoinette, took over responsibility for the Distillery, and under the management of this talented business-woman an international reputation was forged. The Isautier Rums, in their emblematic stoneware bottles, became a symbol for the island.

1910 - The grandson of Charles and Antoinette, Alfred Isautier, bought out his brothers’ shares of the company and set up the business known as ‘Etablissements Isautier’. He modernized the distillery, enlarged the range of products, introduced the now famous triangular bottle for the Punches, and created a worldwide distribution network.

Alfred Isautier

1960 - The family perpetuates the ambitious heritage of Antoinette Orré, the Widow Isautier. The Etablissements Isautier enjoy a great period of growth and embark on a strategy of massive diversification. More than sixty different businesses in diverse sectors of activity are created around the island.

1990 - At the beginning of the nineties production focused once again on rum, the flagship product of the family since 1845. The range of Punches was extended to 11 flavors, all in the famous triangular bottle designed by Alfred Isautier.

Rhum Reunion


2010 - Isautier launch the Arrangés in a new square shaped bottle. These spirits created by macerating fruits and spices in rum are to receive numerous medals at the Paris Agricultural Competitions (Concours Général Agricole de Paris).

2011 - The Isautier bottling line moves to new premises, closer to the distillery on a new site just a few steps away from the ‘Saga du Rhum’ museum. The building was constructed according to specifications embracing the concept of sustainable development. It was in this context that the first solar air-conditioning was developed in France.


The Secrets

By combining tradition and ancestral skills with the expertise of master distillers who constantly seek to develop aromas, Isautier continue to produce exceptional rums that contribute to the spread of Reunion culture and their image in the world.

Traditional rum is made from a dilution of molasses, a by-product of sugar production, to which yeasts are added. After fermenting for 24 hours the juice, which is then known as wine, arrives at around 5° or 6° of alcohol.

The wine is brought to the boil in a first distillation column which is made up of 21 superposed plates. The part which evaporates, known as the’ flegme’, is cooled and then condensed again in another, narrower column of 18 plates.

It is during this second distillation that the different aromatic alcohol esters are separated. (low oils, high oils and head oils). It is at this crucial stage that the master distillers must demonstrate all their skills.

The distillers now have to exercise their talent by subtly blending the different elements in a composition of aromas to create new flavors; a task of constant exploration and renewal that has been repeated by the master rum makers since 1984.

Each year the 4000 hectoliters of rum that is produced by this family run Distillery are commercialized pure or incorporated into traditional and more innovative recipes: a mark of the tradition of excellence and creativity that define Isautier.

Isautier Distillery


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