Established in 1926, RL Seale & Company is one of Barbados’ oldest trading houses, a family-owned business whose involvement in rum-making extends four generations from father to son. The Foursquare Distillery occupies the site of a former sugar factory that dates back to 1636 and, as one of the most modern and efficient rum distilleries in the world, is designed to be both highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The distillery produces light rums in a three-column vacuum still and heavier rums in a modern pot still. The company’s major domestic brand is E.S.A. Fields, the island’s number one selling white rum, and for export, the Martin Doorly range. They also produce other famous rums, including: Alleyne Arthur, Old Brigand and Foursquare Spiced Rum.

Foursquare Distillery


Richard Seale


Richard Seale was born to make rum. He is the great grandson of the original R.L. Seale, Reginald Leon Seale who founded the company in 1926, making him the fourth generation to work in the family rum business.

Richard serves as Master Distiller and ambassador for all the Rums, which is produced at the family owned Foursquare Rum Distillery in Barbados.

Richard began his education in Barbados at Harrison College where on graduation he was awarded the prestigious Barbados Government Scholarship. After completing his Bachelor (with First Class Honours) and Masters (with Distinction, finishing head of the class) degrees at the University of London, he retuned home to Barbados to officially join the family business in 1993.

With an obsessive attention to detail and a questioning attitude, he was never fearful to bring change to a very conservative industry. He was the driving force behind the new distillery at the historic Foursquare, completed back in 1996. Then, seeking out the very best engineers to help develop his new ideas took him to Italy where he found a culture steeped in the art of winemaking and a natural flair for design that ideally matched his ambitions to make Foursquare the envy of the Caribbean.

Innovation has been his hallmark over the last 12 years whether reflected in the precision control of fermentation or distillation of rum under vacuum pressure. Richard firmly believes rum’s rightful place is among the world’s finest spirits and this is what drives his passion to make the very best rums.

We don’t think he is a radical who is throwing all of the spirit’s heritage away. All of his developments are underpinned by a passionate belief in the best of rum’s tradition and a fierce belief in the small distiller as the keeper of the flame.

In 2011 Foursquare was the winner of three awards at the prestigious Rum Barrels awards in London, UK. The distillery was named Distillery of the Year, Richard himself was awarded Distiller of the year.

Doorly’s XO was awarded boutique Rum Fest rum of the year. This year they will release another new rum, Doorly’s 12 year old.

Richard resides in St. Philip, not to far from the distillery, with his wife Gayle and two children Christian and Victoria. In his spare time Richard has a keen passion for horses is a deft alchemist in the kitchen. He is also an accomplished Equine photographer.

Richard continues to live up to his destiny daily at the distillery and carries on the family legacy with dedicated passion and love for his work. He is the heart and soul of the Foursquare Rum distillery.