bundaberg rum

The Name

While the name 'Bundaberg' has a certain character, perhaps you'll agree that it's not a name that trips lightly off the tongue! So why Bundaberg Rum?

Well, it's the name of a town in Queensland, Australia. It is near the coast, some four hundred kilometres north of Brisbane. The town was established in the 1860s and, with its tropical climate and rich soil, the surrounding area soon became known for growing sugar cane

rhum bundaberg

The History 

The history of Bundaberg Rum began over one hundred years ago in the Bundaberg sugar cane region of Central Queensland. Bundaberg first began producing commercial sugar in 1872, but the real boom came in the 1880s when Queensland enjoyed a surge of economic growth.

With this growth came the problem of what to do with the by-product of molasses after the sugar was extracted. The farmers knew it could be converted into rum and little distilleries cropped up all over Queensland.

In 1888, several of the small sugar producers banded together to float a new public company, The Bundaberg Distilling Company. This promptly set about making the product that quickly became 'Famous' for its taste and quality.

bundaberg distillery