Guatemala’s First Family of Rum

Originally a name recognized for sugar cane production, the Botran family rum legacy began in Quetzaltenango a city poised in highlands of Guatemala. This is where five brothers discovered the ideal conditions for high-altitude, slow aging of rum. 

Since establishing Industria Licorera Quezalteca in 1939, the Botran family has been involved in every detail of their signature rum production. By growing and hand selecting only the choicest varietals of sugar cane from the fields of their Guatemalan estate, the Botran family ensures that the raw material of their rums exceeds even the strictest standards. But the true character of Botran rums is born from their unique adaptation of an age-old nurturing process called “Sistema Solera” that involves meticulous blending of younger and older rums as they age for years in a combination of seasoned white oak barrels. 

By taking a hands-on approach throughout the entire process, Botran  – the first family of Guatemalan rum – continues to carefully cultivate its reputation as producers of the world’s finest quality rums. Our Reserva and Solera 1893 premium rums continue to win critical acclaim and recognition for their complexity, depth, richness and signature sweet notes.


Botran Family Tradition

The Botran family has been the creator of fine rums in Guatemala for over six decades, with uncompromising dedication to quality and superior taste. Beginning with the hand-selection of choice varietals of sugar cane and concluding with a high altitude, slow nurturing process in highlands, the family has created a signature style that’s rich with history and complexity.


The Land Where Rum Is Nurtured

Perfectly positioned between North and South America and flanked by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, Guatemala is a land rich in biodiversity and varied ecosystems. It also happens to have volcanic enriched soil and an ideal climate for growing sugar cane, the raw material of Botran premium rums.

To be labeled “rum,” the Guatemalan standards requires that only virgin honey from the first press of the sugar cane be used. But sugar cane is only part of the story.

The rums of Guatemala are also distinguished by their unique, high-altitude aging process in the highlands. The altitude and cooler temperature restrict evaporation so the rums may better adopt their individual taste profiles. Making “high rum” in this way is a unique art form that has been carefully conserved and enriched over the years.

For over six decades Botran has been crafting rums in this great Guatemalan tradition. The Botran family’s uncompromising dedication to quality and superior taste is present in every step of the process, from the sugar cane fields through distillation, aging and to the final blending. We take pride not only in aging our rums, but also in truly nurturing them through a hands-on process.