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The Bielle Distillery lies on the tiny Caribbean island of Marie-Galante which lies just of the cost of Guadeloupe. 

Marie Galante is a drier island than Guadeloupe and receives only about 150cm of rainfall annually. Despite its small size, Marie-Galante was a powerhouse of the Caribbean rum trade. Known as the island of a hundred mills, due to the number of windmills used to press the sugar cane, many of these still stand as a testament to the island's former main trade. Although tourism has largely taken over, sugar cane is still produced on the island for processing at the mill just south of St. Louis on the northwest coast. Around 5 per cent of the island's cane is used by the island's three agricole rum distilleries. 

The Bielle Distillery has been run by the Palm family since Paul Palm purchased the property, house and distillery which comprise the estate in 1955. Ownership transferred to the SEDBA company in 1975 and today is run by Dominique Thiery, the nephew of Paul Palm.





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