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Developed by noted rum executive, Arnaud de Trabuc, who is sometimes referred to as “The King of Rum,” Banks 5-Island Rum is a blended white rum of exceptional quality. To create his rum, Arnaud chose to honor the history of this spirit by blending rums from several sources. The Banks 5-Island Rum blend is named and inspired by the legendary explorer Sir Joseph Banks.

Sir Joseph Banks was an 18th-century English naturalist and botanist who sailed around the world on The Endeavour with Captain James Cook. He brought back many new discoveries to share with the Western world—his love of exploration and passion for sharing what he learned serve as the inspiration and namesake for Banks 5-Island Rum.

Aside from its origins, our Master Blender Arnaud de Trabuc was keenly aware of the public’s newfound appreciation for spirits with character. Using aged Trinidadian rum as the backbone for his new product, he layered the spirit with high toned aged Barbados rums, heavier post-distilled Jamaican Rums, earthy Guyanese rums and the spicy spirit of the former Dutch colony of Batavia. Over twenty rums sourced independently were blended to achieve the final product.



Rums stored in former Bourbon barrels, are typically color corrected to minimize irregularities from batch to batch. Instead of adding caramel to color correct each bottling. Arnaud decided to charcoal filter the blend, as is typically done with young white rums. The filtration process stripped the amber rum of its color, but preserved the grassy, tropical, fruity aromas that fill the room when you pour yourself a taste.



In this light, Banks Rum attempts to capture the spirit of this English naturalist by bringing together different rums from both the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean to create a distinctive premium rum.
Conceived in 2009 it took 14 months of blending and sampling, before Banks 5 Island Rum was introduced to America in June 2010 prior to it arriving on the UK shores in March 2011. Banks 7 Golden Age Rum was then introduced in the UK in the spring of 2012.


Arnaud de Trabuc and R. John Pellaton are the owners of Banks Rum.


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