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Planetrum website has been designed to comply with the Standards for accessibility.

Although some sections of the website have yet to be brought into compliance with the standards, Planetrum has begun -identifying what is required to make the site more accessible. Significant changes will soon be implemented in several sections, which, among other things, will ensure the site meets the standards. Until then, some visitors using screen readers may have difficulty viewing some contents. The standards will be applied in a future update.


  • Main navigation uses a menu with text hyperlinks that is available on all pages and identical across the site.
  • Content is given a standardized graphic treatment coherent from section to section.
  • The visual presentation of the entire website is managed using cascading style sheets (CSS).
  • Style sheets are used to change colours and the appearance of content and text.
  • Screen reader-friendly text equivalents are provided for all major graphic components (photos, images, graphics and icons).
  • Text and background are in contrasting colours, with a contrast ratio of at least 4.5 to 1.
  • Multimedia documents and visual animations are free of blinking and distracting movements.
  • A hyperlink to the Accessibility page is permanently displayed in the footer at the bottom of every page.
  • A hyperlink to the navigable Site Map is permanently located in the website’s header. The link is accessible using tabbing navigation, is easily readable by screen readers and is visible with the style sheet deactivated.
  • A hyperlink that provides access to mid-page content without having to use the top-of-page menu is permanently located at the top of pages and is accessible using tabbing navigation, is easily readable by screen readers and is visible with the style sheet deactivated.
  • Clear and logical hierarchical identification of content using titles and subtitles.
  • Each page has a main title that clearly summarizes the page’s content.
  • The page title is shown on the browser’s title bar or tab, identifying the content and purpose of the currently displayed page.
  • The font size for all text on a page, except the header and footer, can be increased or decreased.
  • When the style sheets are deactivated, all content is displayed as black characters on a white background.
  • Logical top-to-bottom presentation of content when users navigate using the Tab key or deactivate the style sheets (does not apply to some pages).
  • Hyperlinks redirecting to an external website usually open in a new window. These links are clearly identified by an icon with replacement text.
  • Significant graphic components such as photos, images, graphics and icons are accompanied by a text message explaining their purpose. This gives visually impaired visitors access to the information conveyed by the image (for example, the details of a promotion described in a banner).
  • Some visuals and videos on the site use Flash (for example, the picture zoom feature and the video player), which may be an obstacle to accessibility. In such cases, a notice has been added to warn users.