Brugal Papá Andrés Alegría 2015

  • Brugal Papá Andrés Alegría 2015, Aged Rum, Brugal - Planetrum
  • Brugal Papá Andrés Alegría 2015, Aged Rum, Brugal - Planetrum
  • Brugal Papá Andrés Alegría 2015, Aged Rum, Brugal - Planetrum
  • Brugal Papá Andrés Alegría 2015, Aged Rum, Brugal - Planetrum


Brugal Papá Andrés Alegría 2015


Brugal's Papá Andrés Ultra-Premium Family Collection Reserve Rum • Limited Edition

A mere 1000 bottles of an exceptional expression of fine Dominican rum is being released to celebrate the legacy of Don Andrés Brugal Montaner, founding father of the Brugal family rum empire. Papá Andrés Alegría could have been enjoyed only at parties of the Brugal family in the last 50 years or so.
Brugal Papá Andrés was originally created for and enjoyed by the Brugal family for five generations. This exclusive blend has never before been released for sale. Only a few bottles from the vaults have found their way into the hands of collectors over the years through charity auctions.
Since the founding of the company in 1888, each generation of the Brugal family has reserved its most outstanding rums in order to craft a small number of bottles of their most exclusive product to be enjoyed at family celebrations.
In the last decade, members of the fourth and fifth generations of the Brugal family have begun to evolve the profile of this family treasure by introducing top-quality rum aged in European oak barrels alongside that aged in traditional American white oak casks, learning from the experience of their friends at The Macallan.
Franklin Báez Brugal, President of Brugal & Company, commented: "Papá Andrés is a rum which has evolved through the passion, care and expertise of five generations of Master Blenders, all of whom have been members of my family. Each year they have produced a unique rum bottling to celebrate the legacy left by our founding father, Papá Andrés. This year for the first time Brugal Papá Andrés will be shared with a select group of people who know and love our fine rum."
The 2015 Brugal Papá Andrés limited edition, known by the name "Alegría" is a glowing mahogany color. Robust and complex nose with aromas of raisins and candied fruits, as well as caramel and brown sugar. Palate is well-rounded, which belies how complex it actually is, with sherry, dried fruits, molasses and oak, all with a viscous and velvety mouthfeel. The pleasant, warming finish sneaks up on you and leaves you with more sherry, oak and spice. This is one to savor down to the last drop. Don’t you dare mix it or water it down.
This wonderful rum comes in a glass bottle decorated by designer Javier Mariscal in green, white and yellow floral details – inspired by colors of the Dominican Republic.
The decanter is displayed in an elegant, high quality gift box. Mariscal has also illustrated the book that accompanies the bottle, which tells people a little bit about the story of Father Andrew and Brugal.
700Ml • Proof: 80 • ABV: 40% • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 
  • More Informations
    Producer Brugal
    Style Aged Rum
    Size 750 Ml
    ABV 40%
    Proof 80
    Category Vintage
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15 Years+
American & European Oak

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Flavor Profile

Woody & Rich