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Planetrum • Our story

PLANETRUM was founded in 2001 by José-Henri Joseph with an innovative concept: to create the first online store offering both connoisseurs and novices the most fabulous and most prestigious rum in the world. Based in the Caribbean, on the archipelago of Guadeloupe, we could not find a better place to promote this sugar cane-based spirit. It was, after all, Christopher Columbus who introduced sugar cane to the Caribbean at the end of the fifteenth century and Jean Baptiste Labat who came to the West Indies and perfected and revolutionized the process of distillation. 

The French Antilles became the engine of development in regards to sugar and rum production. By 1775, the island of Guadeloupe was known as the "sugar island". Global demand for rum was such that Guadeloupe was able to export its delicious, unparalleled product all around the world. 

A Philosophy

Today, many countries have created their own labels, mostly unknown to the general public. However, whether white, straw, or old, no one to date has proposed offering all of these brands in one place. 

  Our philosophy: Be original and bring the rum to you  

Awaken your taste buds and travel with us around the world discovering rums of the Caribbean, Guatemala, or Spain. The destinations are waiting for you. Discover the freshness of White Rum from sugarcane, the fruity of Straw Rum, or the woodiness of aged and spiced rum. Bring unrivaled taste and quality to delicious cocktails or cooking with the variety from our online store. You’ll see what you’ve been waiting for.


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