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Prohibition kit By Francesco Morackini

A young Austrian designer, Francesco Morackini, imagined a little particular kit of distillation. As each one knows, domestic distillation is scrupulously framed by the customs administration in most European countries. That did not prevent a young Austrian to imagine a very pretty and very original distillation kit with all its elements, taken separately, and take a traditional and legal function and much more… in any kitchen. It is in that way, the still becomes a watering can, the burner a fondue stove, the serpentine a superb fruit bowl and, the condenser a cooking pot. Aggressive but absolutely splendid.

You know how to produce your rum now !

Because of its legislative issue, the Prohibition kit is deliberately a provocative project. I want to question the people about the value and purpose of everyday products surrounding us. I propose another point of view to observe them. When are innocent products becoming illegal? What can those products do for us, or what do they do to us?

Francesco Morackini


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