The Worlds Most Expensive Rum : Legacy by Angostura

The Worlds Most Expensive Rum : Legacy by Angostura

Produced entirely by hand on a single island in Trinidad over six years, the rum was distilled using a seven-column continuous still, chill filtered and aged in a once-used 200 liter American oak cask. The product of nearly 200 years of distilling and blending experience, Legacy is a unique and largely secret blend of Angostura’s finest and rarest rums, the youngest of which is over 17 years old.

At an estimated cost of $25,000 a bottle, a single nip of Legacy costs in the range of $1,200 (that’s roughly 35 bottles of Bundaberg). And with a total of 20 bespoke decanters available worldwide. The decanter has been hand blown by Asprey in London and comes with a lead free crystals and is known for its art deco style. An exotic but rare Trinidadian butterfly adorns the decanter and is made of sterling silver. The butterfly is very close to the Trinidadian traction. It symbolizes the beginning of the harvest season once it lands on the sugar cane. Legacy is an exceedingly rare luxury for serious rum connoisseurs.

How does the Worlds Most Expensive Rum taste?

It is not the kind of rum that you simply gulp down once you pour it in your glass. You will have to sense the fine aroma of the rum first. As you hold the glass closer to your nose you can feel the scintillating aromas of the vanilla spice and oak. What you can also smell is a lingering floral aroma which will only take you to a different world. When you actually take the first sip of the Legacy, after feeling all the aromas, you will be overwhelmed with the very natural and very sweet flavours of the aroma. The sweetness soon takes a back seat and as soon as have more of this very heavy liquid you can feel the spice gradually making its presence felt on your palate. The flavour of nuts only adds to the fineness that is this most expensive rum. The flavours that are left behind as you finally finish your glass are that of orange and oak.

“This is a very fine rum, Legacy by Angostura is crystal polished dark oak in colour, with bronze and gold highlights. It enters the palate with sweet, dried fruit flavours and, as it fills the mouth with warmth, the notes become nutty and spicy. The finish is long with trailing flavours of orange zest and oak”. 

John Georges, master distiller at Angostura



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