Appleton's Blends

Appleton's Blends


Appleton Estate, located in the Nassau Valley, part of the famous Cockpit County in Jamaica, produces their rum on a single estate, and has a unique microclimate that affects the terroir. Other factors that contribute to the high quality of Appleton Estate rum include the fertile soil, specially selected sugar cane varietals, water that is exceptionally soft that comes from a spring that originates on the Estate and is naturally filtered through the limestone hills, the molasses, the natural culture of yeast that is used in the fermentation process that has been handed down through the generations, and small batch distillation in specially designed copper pot stills that are unique to Appleton Estate.

Minimum age is another distinguishing factor of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums, which have minimum age statements on their labels. For many spirit companies, the age noted on the bottle is depicted as a range or an average age of the blends to create the product. Under Jamaica law, the marques that make up the individual blends must have all been aged in oak barrels for at least the number of years stated on the label. Therefore with Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums, when the age on the bottle states 12 years, it means that every marque of the blend has received 12 or more years of barrel aging, and when the age on the bottle states 21 years, it means that every marque of the blend has received 21 or more years of barrel aging.


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